02 Casa Ya’axche

Located in the neighborhood of San Cristóbal in the center of the city of Mérida. With a façade and a first bay in the Porfirian style and an intervention from the 80’s. In the following modules with a well-resolved design, the strategy was to take advantage of what was built and the existing interior gardens as visual highlights, giving them a warmer and more tropical touch with materials and vegetation from the region.

In the patio, three large trees create an atmosphere of tranquility and freshness, which at the same time invites conviviality.

Location: Historic Center, Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2021

Status: Finished

Built area: 164m2

26 Casa ARA

Casa ARA is a house designed as a retirement home in the town of Cholul. Her goal was to achieve a space where she could practice her hobbies such as swimming and baking, she also wanted a place where she could spend time with her granddaughters when they were visiting.

The architectural program was resolved in such a way that the pool was the protagonist, from any angle of the house it can be enjoyed, both social and private areas have a direct connection.

The volumetry is the result of the functioning of the space it is containing, giving them different hierarchies in heights, textures and visual finishes.

Location: Cholul, Yucatan.

Year: 2018

Status: Proposal

Built area: 195m2

05 Casa Mango

It is a single-family home near the Santiago neighborhood and was designed for a person looking to spend the winter in Mérida. Our goal was to provide you with a shelter that would isolate you from everyday life where you would be in contact with nature, with good ventilation and natural lighting.

The project is developed around a large mango tree and a ciricote tree. Our premise was to provide these two protagonists with the stage to play their light and shadow, and at the same time take advantage of them to create microclimates that help thermal comfort.

The social area is confined by glass walls with windows to the north and east that connect to the gardens, terrace and pool.

The module of the rooms and bathrooms was designed in such a way that when you want to move from one space to another you can enjoy the trees.

The client seeks to spend as much time as possible in the exterior areas, so the connection between the modules of the social area and the private area is through corridors and exterior stairs, and that even being inside there is a constant visual connection with the outside.

Location: Barrio Santiago, Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2020-2021

Status: Built

Built area: 160m2

18 Rancho la Candelaria

Hidden refuge in the wonderful state of Campeche, place of recreation and work. 400 hectares of land mostly used for agriculture and livestock. In a 60-hectare reserve we had to develop the guard’s house, viewpoint, lake, stables and the house for the family. In the first stage, the lake and the houses were developed with a modulated construction system to make it easy to build with labor from the region. The project was resolved with the premise of living in the spaces and towards the exterior spaces, taking advantage of the magnificent views towards the artificial lake designed as a protection system for the fauna of the region.

Location: Candelaria, Campeche.

Year: 2020

Status: Process

Built area: 565m2

04 Casa X’kanlol

Located near the former railway station. On the property there was an abandoned contemporary construction without any architectural value, so we proposed a project in which the exterior spaces could be enjoyed from any part of the house.

Our guiding axis was to use the patio as a unifying element, so that despite the fact that the private area and the public area are physically separated, thanks to the patio they are visually connected.

The volumetry was the result of seeking the greatest thermal comfort with high ceilings, large windows to the north and east, and to the south we supported ourselves with concrete and bamboo overhangs.

With the materiality we seek to give it continuity through the polished white cement on the walls; ceilings and floors with touches of color with pasta mosaics.

Location: Historic Center, Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2020

Status: Finished

Built area: 160m2

22 Casa Caimito

Located on the edge of the historic center. Slender and shallow property with a caimito tree planted in its heart. It was the stage to solve an architectural program that wanted the house to be a refuge for weekends. The client imagined an atmosphere of family coexistence, but that in the private area each person would have their own space. The star apple tree helped us to divide the social areas from the private ones, it served as a vegetal curtain to give privacy to the rooms and a fresh atmosphere to the whole house.

The property contained a single piece of historical value, we decided to make the rest of the architecture with a more modern language in its operation and in its materiality so that it would contrast; thus giving visual prominence to the first bay.

The social area is contained in a glass box in direct contact with the pool and the star apple tree, while the bedrooms, due to their orientation, are a little more solid in the form of a tower that ends with a gazebo.

Location: Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2019

Status: Proposal

Built area: 186m2

06 Casa Zapote

The client purchased Casa Zapote because of its excellent location north of the city of Mérida, but he wanted to feel that he was moving to a new house and not to a house that had been inhabited for many years. The first thing we observed when analyzing the existing building was that it had hierarchy and functionality problems in the social area.

The house was accessed through a door without hierarchy, the social area had excellent dimensions, but with a very low ceiling that took away space, the kitchen was totally isolated from the social area and the large patio lacked a living area.

Our strategy was to take the bedroom that was at the front of the house and that had a height of more than 3 meters and we turned it into a hall. In the living room and dining room area we decided to demolish the existing ceiling and make one the same height as the hall. A couple of walls were knocked down so the kitchen was connected to the dining room and a new material palette was made for the whole house. For the patio, the client asked us for a BBQ area and a bar, so we covered part of the patio and unified it with a terrace through the texture of wood-type floors and bamboo ceilings.

Location: Sodzil, Yucatan.

Year: 2019

Status: Built

Built area: 370 m2

10 Casa JT GDL

“Having a place to go is called home. Having people to love is called family. Having both is called a blessing.”

The axis of the project is the family as a domestic church and as “the original cell of social life”.

The house is planted in the center of the land as the central core of the project and as a unifying and transitional element between the religious area and the family living area. The architecture is permeable, allowing the gardens to be integrated into the house, giving an interior-exterior feeling with views of the entire terrain. Like the chapel, we wanted the house to be the meeting point for the family and with God through nature.

The family is where we are evangelized for the first time and where values ​​are transmitted to us, it is where we live with different generations that transmit their wisdom and teachings to us, so we provide the home with different spaces that promote this exchange in the family.

“How precious is the value of the family as a privileged place to transmit the faith!”

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Year: 2018

Status: Project

Constructed area House: 680.65 m2

Chapel built area: 113.50 m2

24 Townhouses COG

25 Loft 85

It was born from the idea of carrying out a project in a standard property offered by the market for a single person or a couple without children, thinking about the budget they could have at that stage of their life. As a result, we modified the architectural program reducing the number of spaces to the minimum necessary to develop a comfortable life. We decided to use only half of the land to provide the opportunity for less constrained growth in the future.

Location: Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2017

Status: Proposal

Built area: 102.50 m2