10 Casa JT GDL

“Having a place to go is called home. Having people to love is called family. Having both is called a blessing.”

The axis of the project is the family as a domestic church and as “the original cell of social life”.

The house is planted in the center of the land as the central core of the project and as a unifying and transitional element between the religious area and the family living area. The architecture is permeable, allowing the gardens to be integrated into the house, giving an interior-exterior feeling with views of the entire terrain. Like the chapel, we wanted the house to be the meeting point for the family and with God through nature.

The family is where we are evangelized for the first time and where values ​​are transmitted to us, it is where we live with different generations that transmit their wisdom and teachings to us, so we provide the home with different spaces that promote this exchange in the family.

“How precious is the value of the family as a privileged place to transmit the faith!”

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Year: 2018

Status: Project

Constructed area House: 680.65 m2

Chapel built area: 113.50 m2

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