12 Ermita Village

La Ermita is a neighborhood located south of the historic center of the city of Mérida.

In recent years it has adopted a large number of foreigners who have decided to establish their residence in this city. On a 1,000 m2 plot of land, the client asked to develop a set of 3 houses with colonial characteristics with the same architectural program, but with a different hierarchy. Due to the characteristics of the terrain, which has an irregular shape, we decided to adopt one of the urban characteristics of one of the most beautiful historical centers in the country, such as Guanajuato. We think of the irregular layout of its streets and the use of squares and fountains as visual highlights and meeting points.

We wanted the street access to the houses to feel like a transition in time, so the role of vegetation as a companion through this path was very important. Certain elements and colors were used to give it a colonial language. To solve the architectural program, we used modern volumes, always taking care that the houses had central patios that would help with natural lighting and ventilation, giving the sensation of living in an interior-exterior space.

Location: Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2020-2021

Status: Process

Land: 1060 m2

Area occupied: 520m2

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