Casa Caimito

Located on the edge of the historic center. Slender and shallow property with a caimito tree planted in its heart. It was the stage to solve an architectural program that wanted the house to be a refuge for weekends. The client imagined an atmosphere of family coexistence, but that in the private area each person would have their own space. The star apple tree helped us to divide the social areas from the private ones, it served as a vegetal curtain to give privacy to the rooms and a fresh atmosphere to the whole house.

The property contained a single piece of historical value, we decided to make the rest of the architecture with a more modern language in its operation and in its materiality so that it would contrast; thus giving visual prominence to the first bay.

The social area is contained in a glass box in direct contact with the pool and the star apple tree, while the bedrooms, due to their orientation, are a little more solid in the form of a tower that ends with a gazebo.

Location: Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2019

Status: Proposal

Built area: 186m2

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