07 Casa Conkal

Located in Conkal, which is a growing town near the city of Mérida. The property of generous dimensions and that the owner had used as an orchard, he wanted to turn it into a sanctuary for his family.

In the first instance, the client wanted us to solve the program on two floors, concentrating all the spaces in a single volume, but after analyzing the land and the context, we decided that it was better to solve the program on one floor, creating interior gardens to promote family coexistence.

The volumetry responds to the orientation of the house. The main facade to the south is a game of solid volumes in private areas and permeable planes in service areas. To the north glass openings prioritizing the entry of light and natural air.

The materiality is guided based on the client’s construction budget, polished white cement floors, walls and ceilings smoothed with paste, and Chukum paste was used only on finishing walls and bathroom walls. Stone and lattice masonry walls were used on the façade in response to the walls and latticework of the town’s architectural context.

Location: Conkal, Yucatan.

Year: 2016-2017

Status: Built

Built area: 296.45 m2

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