05 Casa Mango

It is a single-family home near the Santiago neighborhood and was designed for a person looking to spend the winter in Mérida. Our goal was to provide you with a shelter that would isolate you from everyday life where you would be in contact with nature, with good ventilation and natural lighting.

The project is developed around a large mango tree and a ciricote tree. Our premise was to provide these two protagonists with the stage to play their light and shadow, and at the same time take advantage of them to create microclimates that help thermal comfort.

The social area is confined by glass walls with windows to the north and east that connect to the gardens, terrace and pool.

The module of the rooms and bathrooms was designed in such a way that when you want to move from one space to another you can enjoy the trees.

The client seeks to spend as much time as possible in the exterior areas, so the connection between the modules of the social area and the private area is through corridors and exterior stairs, and that even being inside there is a constant visual connection with the outside.

Location: Barrio Santiago, Merida, Yucatan.

Year: 2020-2021

Status: Built

Built area: 160m2

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